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Does Google say your website is "Mobile Friendly"?

Google has started showing "Mobile Friendly" websites as the top results of searches from cell phones. That means all websites that are "Not Mobile Friendly" will drop BELOW the mobile friendly websites. And Google says that 60% of searches are from cell phones. Google started implementing this new method on April 21 2015 and continues to move forward with it.

Find out if Google says your website is "Mobile Friendly".
To check your website click this link:
And enter your domain name or website address.

Now the good news!

I have a solution that is fast, painless, and very reasonably priced.
I can create a mobile version of your website so that:

1- Visitors on cell phones will see the mobile version. Desktop and tablet visitors will still see your main website.

2- If you make a change to the main website, the change will show on the mobile website within 2 hours! You do NOT need to edit the mobile website!

3- Your mobile website is hosted on a system that continues to be updated to keep up with future changes from Google, cell phone browsers, cell phone makers and wireless carriers.

Now the really good news.
The base price to create the mobile version of your website is only $300.
And the hosting for that website is only $20 per month.
And best of all! There is no effort on your part! We do all the work!
Call us at 909-972-0655 and we can talk about your specific website.

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